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I am 20, and a new player. Quite honestly, I find it ridiculous that there are so many issues with the "newbies". I mean cummon guys it's a game that requires honesty and fairness, much like any other sport/group hobby. I try to be as open and honest with myself and others as I can be. If you get hit, who cares. Call it, and get some water at your respawn. I don't understand why this bullshit macho "I am god's gift" attitude exists. Like in any other branch of activities, those who have this attitude never get very far.

As for Skruface's comment at the beginning of this thread, I sympothize with you. Finding things out for ourselves is what makes us informed, educated players. I'm just trying to say that in the end, it feels better for you, and probably everyone else if you stick it out and solve the problems yourself. That's not to say that a little guidance isn't appreciated, but don't be fooled into thinking that everyone is going to hand over a complete step by step guide to the sport/hobby.

So as for all the new guys reading this, please: try it yourself first, call your hits, and remember ... stay low and stay fast.
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