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Originally Posted by Dirty Deeds View Post
This is a nice post to read, very refreshing. And I would like to say that every mod on here that I have dealt with was fair and to the point even those who have issued me warnings.

All I have to say to the mods is be prepared for alot of flak as you start your clean up. You're going to get alot of "WTF? I've seen worse said on here, so why am I being warned/banned? You guys are assholes!!!" ect ect.

However I am all for a tighter riegn on things as I have literally stopped posting anywhere except the Buy/Sell section and Games sections, because of some of the flaming that goes on here.

More power to you man, cheers.

i agree, ive delt with hojo, lisa, freedom, cortex, and i have no complaints.

i know how it is and how aggrivating it is to have a bunch of ungreatful, unappreciative people complaining about everything you do and dont do.

i think you guys are doing a great job and cant think of any times that i was dissapointed, every sour member if come across has been delt with via ban, or suspension, or even warnings, either way its worked.

i do have one teensy weensy littel complaint tho lol..... can we get the galleries working again... please! again, no worries guys, there are some poeple on the boards that appreciate all you do.
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