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Originally Posted by Freedom Fighter View Post
My fellow moderators have missed one important issue however ... allowing the bullshit to continue actually detracts from the overall enjoyment of this site for all but the few that like to act big and tell people off. There is absolutely nothing wrong with some ribbing and tormenting one another in good spirits, but from what I have seen from a select few is nothing more than belligerent insults made in the interest of giving these few people a feeling of self worth and authority.
I agree, but I think some people are not on the same page about what constitutes bullshit or good natured ribbing. I've personally all but stopped posting because of it. Problem is with an open site like this you have to have an open door policy to be inclusive but as a result a lot of people on different parts of the spectrum are forced into the same space and there is inevitable friction. But there is no excuse for personal attacks, and I've seen everyone guilty of that on more than one occasion, so in my opinion nobody on this site has any moral authority to point the finger at anyone else. There in lies the problem.

Originally Posted by Freedom Fighter View Post
This crack down is not open to debate. Anyone think this is unfair, they can start their own D-board.
Yup. Thats pretty much my solution. And I am the first to say that is a facist and controlled environment where you can be arbitrarily banned based on our team's perspective. I don't expect anyone to support us here on that, but its why I don't get my nuts in a uproar over the moderating over here. When you play in someone's sandbox, its by their rules, not yours. Case in point is the A____u affair which is taboo here but not over there. I understand the logic behind it after speaking with some mods about it, but, it wasn't anything that I didn't think couldn't be presented and understood. What I would recommend is if you're going to make a controversial decision, be prepared to explain it to some degree. Given a reasonable explanation most people will be satisfied and move on. Make it look like a star-chamber decision and you start spawning conspiracy theories amongst those who don't entirely trust your decision making process.

Totalitarianism has its place.

ASC is in the non-unique position that no matter what the mods do, it won't please everyone all of the time. The only advice I can give is be consistent with your application of rules, make no exceptions for in-crowd versus out-crowd people (including mods/owners) and practice what you preach. To do otherwise is to be perceived as being a hypocrite and you end up having no recognized inherent moral authority to act when you need to. The report post button is only as good as the mod who reads the post and acts on it but honestly adults should be able to regulate themselves without intervention. It disappoints me when I see otherwise.

I won't get into the Clay debate, its old, tired and nothing changes with it and because he is my friend I am biased. When I read his posts I hear his voice and understand his point of view, which often gets misinterpreted because most of the time he doesn't kick his posts through a politically-correct non-aggressive filter. Now that he's been stereotyped online, its not going to change, yet people constantly are surprised when they meet him in person that he isn't foaming at the mouth or has got baby's blood on his bib. Same thing when WP members all have the same avatar any thread we collectively take an interest in looks like a gang bang when we're done with it and we end up a pariah for another 3 months until everyone moves onto a new shitstorm.
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