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Originally Posted by ILLusion View Post
Okay, so given that response, as an administrator of a site, is it easier to try and correct an individual, or a bunch of individuals (who have no direct affiliation with no each other?)

1) send out a warning/banning to the individual offender to tell him to tone it down or he's out of here


2) tell all the offended individuals to "suck it up and don't take it so personally"

Which one lends itself to allowing a friendlier environment for other users to attend?
Being an adminstrator at 3 rather large forums, I have personally been involved in MANY similar situations. Sure #1 works, but after the "report Post" button gets worn out as people see that if someone offends them, they will get booted if enough complaints come in.

We have taken the #2 route often, and it works. People learned to deal with certain individuals, or put them on an ignore list.

I'm not telling you how to run anything, don't get me wrong, I'm just giving my opinion. Sure I'm on his team and may be a little bias, but I'm also a well experienced user of forums, and it happens everywhere. Its pretty much a part of forum life.
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