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Originally Posted by Molson View Post
I'd say about an equal amount of both.
Okay, so given that response, as an administrator of a site, is it easier to try and correct an individual, or a bunch of individuals (who have no direct affiliation with no each other?)

1) send out a warning/banning to the individual offender to tell him to tone it down or he's out of here


2) tell all the offended individuals to "suck it up and don't take it so personally"

Which one lends itself to allowing a friendlier environment for other users to attend?

Personally, if I had to take the insults that Claymore dished out for the infraction I gave him, if a moderator told me to suck it up, I'd tell the moderator there's no way in hell I'm going to just let Claymore insult me JUST BECAUSE he's "a great guy on the field." He resorted to needless name-slinging for that particular offense.

And regarding the most recent cause of his banning, if some other guy was attending a Wolfpack game... or was on your team's forum and got in Rob's face, accusing him of something he felt he was wronged on years ago, you're telling me you and your entire team wouldn't be up in arms? You're telling me Morb wouldn't instantly boot him off the forum or gamesite you guys were on and issue a complete ban on his presence?

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