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Originally Posted by ILLusion View Post
You're quick to forget that a great person on the field does not equate to a forum-friendly personality. Maybe things come across differently without the personality behind the text?
That is exactly what it is. You don't get tone of voice when reading.

Whatever the case is, Clay has always had a disruptive forum personality, and despite the multiple bannings, has continued to keep it up. He tends to learn to tone it down for a short while after a banning, but after a while, the same attitude comes out again in another new account.
Sure he may have a disruptive personality on here. But he isn't here to disrupt the forum, he will say it as he sees it. And always stands behinds what he says. Will most who never meet Clay think he's an asshole just from reading what he posts? Probably. But they would be wrong, he would say the same to your face and it would be in a totally different context. Clay just bashes his fingers on the keyboard as fast as he can to get out what he wants in the least amount of words, and it works. Sure it may be rough around the edges, but people need to stop taking shit so personally when they read it in a forum.
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