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Originally Posted by zapplez View Post
There is still a lot of problems in authority with the forum , when you have well respected members of the community that actually show up to games all the time that are banned. Ie CLAY!

I probally be banned, edited or deleted for saying this.
You're quick to forget that a great person on the field does not equate to a forum-friendly personality. Maybe things come across differently without the personality behind the text?

Whatever the case is, Clay has always had a disruptive forum personality, and despite the multiple bannings, has continued to keep it up. He tends to learn to tone it down for a short while after a banning, (despite forum rules disallowing the return of a banned person under a new account.) We've always let it stick around till he starts to get out of line again, which he eventually does.

Honestly, we'd all love to be able to keep all our field friends on the board - but keep in mind, that being a national board, you won't ever see over 80% of the board's population, and as such, they won't know how great of a guy you are and the personality behind snarky online comments. The things that are said can (and will) be taken out of context. Even with smilies and smirks behind each smartass comment, some people still can't sense sarcasm behind what's said. And beyond that, some people are just aggro - gotta face the reality that some people just have harsher personalities than others - which can result in an online environment that just isn't "friendly" for the rest of the users who won't get to know how great of a person you may really be on the field.

After all, the last time I issued a 1 point expiring infraction to Clay, a stink was raised about how moderators were slow in issuing infractions to other users who were disruptive. So now the rule goes across the board.

"Problems with authority"? You're right - it's a lack of respect for our decisions and a compelling urge and need for certain members to always challenge those who run the board.

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