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Originally Posted by Skruface View Post
I'm split on the idea about dropping it completely; sometimes there are heated but worthwhile discussions about non-airsoft related things that occur, but often they're ruined by uninformed shit-slinging and ego-stroking. I also think that giving airsofters a place to talk non-airsoft works towards building inclusiveness into the community as a whole.

I'd like to keep OT, but I think it should be more heavily moderated (but not by our current mods - no offence, I think you folks do a fine job but you already have more than your fair share of crap on your plate, and this isn;t needed) - perhaps it's time to instill some OT-only mods to keep the crap-pile as clean as possible. Perhaps this could be the training ground for future moderators as more people enter (and leave) the sport and the membership of this d-board continues to increase?
I point that out because of demographics - historically and statistically the OT threads have often contributed little/nothing to 'Airsoft', have caused the most heated arguments and debates usually leading to some form of 'infractions' or 'bannings', etc. - this goes back past I've heard often that Pantless Crab has offered many times to moderate the OT threads if resources is a concern.
SHARED observations of the OT threads show that some members are exceptionally vocal in that area, while uncharacteristically silent in all other sections of the board.

Like the theme of this thread suggests, what's being improved? Quality of moderation, or tough new user titles? Improvement should be a equally distributed, lateral exercise, not a top down flushing. I guess if the focus is to provide a quality product in the forums, in that it's a 'one-version of the truth' purveyor of information that connects our community, providing resource channels at all levels for all members - then perhaps it's time to really do that/convey the message accordingly. Streamline the 'seriousnessness' of it, across all verticals.

Another suggestion would be to provide a glossary to common terms and words used here, to again prevent misconception. One word that begs to be defined is 'contribution'.

My comments are meant as constuctive suggestions, should anyone be offended by my tone or perceived manner, feel free to PM me and i'll be glad to speak to you in person.
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