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You can get silison "oil" from 0.05 wt to 500K wt in RC...From bearing oils to diff locking oils and shock oils

I personally use 300K oil on the piston o-ring, then add a little 50wt inside the great

for gears, your are better with some lithium or ceramic based grease. High wt silicon could work too... but it does not stay on the gears well enought.

For bushings, some sewing machine oil is perfect, or some silicon based bushing oils for RC cars is good too... usually brown...

For bearings, the best thing I found is Trinity's Royal Oil. It is pink and works like a charm.

Mag lubing... I found that some 30wt silicon oil works better than lighter oils to be added in the propane adapters.

Slide: ceramic or lithium grease again.... silicon oils are either to light or too sticky to work well in there.
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