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Originally Posted by DOM View Post
Here's a question, if 100% silicone oil is good for just about everything, can you just use it, rather than bearing oil and gear grease? Take into account i fully strip my gun after each game.
No, it's simply not thick enough to adhere to spinning gears and is modestly effective in sealing the piston o-ring, but gets wiped too easily.

Gear and cylinder greases are what is needed here. Cylinder grease should be silicone based so as not to react with silicone oil used fro barrel cleaning, hop-up lube, etc. Gear grease should be very sticky and can be any of a number of types of lubricant.

Now, you don't need to strip your gun down after every game. I only strip mine down if performance begins to suffer or if something should break. Repeated strip downs lead to stripped screws and screwholes, despite your best efforts to prevent it. Not to mention that assembly rarely is done as well by the user as is done by the factory.
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