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Originally Posted by Stone Evil View Post
Remember, we want to keep as many people in the sport as possible...not turn them away. We can all help to make this site better.
No offence guy, but no we fucking DON'T.

Years ago, this community was TIGHTER because we didn't have so many new people coming aboard, asking for advice, and then disregarding that advice as soon as it was issued. Back then, people knew that the game was played on the FIELD, and the boards were just a place to talk about new guns, broken guns, fixed guns, or where to use them.

Now this whole place is a fucking ***** contest with the uneducated trying to educate the idiots.

Just HELP PEOPLE. Answer questions if you can, keep your fingers off the keyboard if you don't know or aren't 100% sure of what you're talking about. If something's a repost, WHO CARES? MOVE ALONG. This is the internet, it's built on stupidity and thrives on idiocy. Someone asks a dumb question? WHO CARES? Is the fucking world going to end if you don't jump in and say "READ THE FAQ"?

There are two kinds of people on these boards - those who you're going to see and interact with in person, and those you'll never know. Regardless of whether they're airsofters or chairsofters, they still fit into those categories. If you treat everyone as if they're the first kind, you'll find you're a lot more reluctant to hand someone an e-beating because you may meet that person and if you bit off more than you can chew, you're going to have to answer to it.

I wouldn't ridicule a member of my staff in front of their friends or colleagues, and it shouldn't be done here either. Members and Moderators both should remember the same thing; you might meet these people at some point, so be fair.
Originally Posted by Deaf_shooter View Post
what if it model after his?
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