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Totally agree. FAQ's answer many but not all questions. Those new to forums find it difficult to go through everything. For most of those flaming the noobs, are "you" the one cleaning up the threads? I think not. If that's not your job, then don't push your weight around. The integrity of our sport in Canada is under fire from all sorts of biased and uneducated people who don't bother researching more into the world of airsoft. Being such a small community, why can't we just lend a helping hand to help expand this community to one that may one day have a genuine unified voice? When a mod tells you to tone down your posts or to do things differently or teach you a few forum etiquettes, don't take it as a hit to your ego. This is a privately operated forum. They have the right to run it how they want. Don't want to follow the rules? Leave. I am greatful for this crackdown and hope the best for ASC which has done so much to keep airsoft in Canada afloat.
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