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Stone Evil
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Nice post, and I agree.
I'd also go further and ask that all members treat each other in a respectful manner. I was close to leaving this place at one point. Don't beat up on someone for asking a question that has been addressed elsewhere in a forum three miles thick. Not all of us have the time to sift through everything in the odd chance that it has been asked before. Kindly say that the question has been asked before and to look for it in a certain thread...or better yet, provide the link to the thread.
Also, don't rudely criticize the manufacturer choice made by someone, especially a newbie. Feel free to lend your expertise in recommending info and such, but to cowardly say something they own is a piece of sh** and what the f*** were they thinking, is neither polite, respectful, or helpful.
Remember, we want to keep as many people in the sport as possible...not turn them away. We can all help to make this site better.
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