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Originally Posted by kos View Post
Could've been a joke. I'm pretty sure everyone on here has said "oh, well if you want to sold it to me, I wouldn't complain " or " sell your gun to me.....for cheap", or even " PM'd " and those were (loose) quotes , from actual posts.
No, it was written like an actual wanted ad, I remember finding it odd that someone was posting a wanted ad in the second half of their post in the discussion section. IIRC, it had contact info, "contact me" et al.

Everyone is overreacting. Did Identity directly say something offensive to a mod? Did he even insinuate something insulting?
Yeah, he signed up on a new account late last night and accused the mods of being thoughtless with their powers. It's in the trash but isn't readable right now.

Then WTF is the point of a permenant ban? Are you deliberately trying to kill the community?
Seems like the mods are just getting fed up with the recent streak of accusations against them, to the point where they stop letting certain infractions slide. Hence the term "crack down".
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