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Originally Posted by Armedpacifist View Post
That's a very nice post you made Alex, very expressive, and I do like the way you speak from the heart, but what if it just suddenly got thrown in the trash? How would that make you feel? Honestly.
I'm not saying that everyone is perfect, never made that claim of anyone but some users on here push things way too far and it's certainly deliberate. Everyone knows who I'm referring to but in the interest of being polite I'll exclude the names.

I see what gets posted on the boards, what goes on behind the scenes with regards to PM's and comments left in moderator section, and the politics that carry out onto the field with some of the players and their teen-aged angst against the admin here. I feel it's safe for me to say that the mods here are certainly more than fair on the majority of issues. When one of us has a question we more often than not ask for the opinions of other mods before we do something that may be (often) considered "heavy handed" ... If anyone does things without consultation beforehand it's generally me, myself and I.

This crack down is not open to debate. Anyone think this is unfair, they can start their own D-board.

Few individuals would view themselves as barbarous, no, instead they view themselves in a different light, a distorted reality that justifies who they are and what they have done.

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