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Time for me to speak up, I am all for going back to the way it was long before I even joined. I know a lot of the mods personally and a lot of the members who have been here since it started, these guys are good friends that have helped me with a lot even tho they weren’t obligated and I would HATE for them to quit and leave because they are fed up with all this.. There are a select few currently trying to fill in the void left by the latest banned people, but news flash guys, they were taken out for that stupidity and we are not looking for you to take up where they left off...

FF I agree with you totally, I have never actually met you at FR or anywhere else before but I have heard about you, and I do respect that "speak from what you feel" attitude as I usually go by the same approach. I agree with what you just said and I am 100% prepared to help out and make these boards rightchous again.


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