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I'm sure there have been times when I've gone "over the top" during a discussion on something that I'm sure has no real meaning anywhere. I personally am not one to take crap from anyone, and I'm sure I've pushed the limits at times. I could only imagine what gets said to moderators when they need to reign in a situation, especially a heated or controversial one.

Other forums I visit would never let members post things that get posted here and even some of my posts would get punted if posted elsewhere. I know many people like FF who no longer visit here because of the "drama queen" antics of some and the abusive nature of others. Nobody is immune from this, either we've acted in this fashion to others or been "victimized" by it.

I for one am glad to see the move by the moderation staff to clean out the forum. I don't envy your job though, as it will likely lead to a big shake-up and alot more crap before it's done.

But it's like plunging out a toilet, nobody likes to do, it needs to be done and the effort yields a necessary result.
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