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The "e" bullying on ASC is going to stop.

I've noticed that over time that it has become a popular practice among some of you to make claims about mods being a bunch of power tripping ego maniacs all hell bent on throwing their weight around and playing favorites on ASC. Well I think that the majority of you by far that actually know me personally (in whatever capacity) know that I usually speak from the heart and say what is honestly on my mind. I'll give one example without going into much detail but it should give you an idea where I'm going with this post.

A perfect example would be the current dealings between myself and my x and the ensuing custody battle over our son. I have had many chances in the past to keep my mouth shut and keep things to myself but in the interest of my sons personal development and well being I always choose to say what I believe is the fair and honest truth, despite the fact that it may upset my x and her family and is then twisted and promptly thrown back in my face at a time convenient for them. I feel that personal pride is not important, honestly and integrity is ... everything else is secondary.

I've seen these mods take a ridiculous amount of verbal abuse by many, and they too, just like myself put their personal feelings aside in the interest of the sport and this site time and time again. For that they receive little thanks and in recent years have succumbed to more and more abuse from the users on this website.

My fellow moderators have missed one important issue however ... allowing the bullshit to continue actually detracts from the overall enjoyment of this site for all but the few that like to act big and tell people off. There is absolutely nothing wrong with some ribbing and tormenting one another in good spirits, but from what I have seen from a select few is nothing more than belligerent insults made in the interest of giving these few people a feeling of self worth and authority.

News flash, the feeling of self worth and authority you gain at the expense of others ... it's not worth anything in the real world. In addition, this attitude will not be tolerated here for the remaining time that I am around ... in fact I may stay around just to keep an eye out if the other mods wish. Some people like me, some do not ... however, I think that most people could make the argument that I have always tried to be as fair as possible. Still don't like it? Write you member of parliment, start an online petition, hand out flyer's ... go nuts, literally.

So, for those of you who claim that ASC is BS and run by a bunch of idiots, please, do yourself and everyone else a solid and leave. Go start your own forum somewhere since it's so easy to do. The internet is a huge place and there is plenty of room for people to go sit in their very own virtual corner.
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