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Originally Posted by Kommandant_keen View Post
Correct me if I'm wrong, but under Canadian law, doesn't 'Replica' firearm mean it cannot shoot anything but look like the real thing? Thus airsoft should not be replica since it shoots BB's. I e-mailed the firearms agency a while back and that's what she told me. Maybe laws have changed since.
Then consider your self corrected.

Replica firearm means "anything that looks like a firearm but is not a firearm"

Firearm means "anything that shoots a projectile in excess of 500 fps"

Imitation Firearm means " anything that has the appearance of a firearm but is easily identified as not a firearm" this would be items such as "clearsoft" and small scale models of guns and toy guns such as water pistols, or wooden toys.

Airsoft guns clearly fall within the scope of the definition of "Replica Firearm"
although airsoft guns as a class of items are not defined as replicas in practically every court case in which airsoft guns were at issue they were found to meet the definition of "replica Firearm"

So does this mean that airsoft guns are replica firearms? not exactly... however the CBSA as an organization has taken the position that in order to import airsoft guns you must hold a valid business firearms license and import permits allowing you to import Prohibited Devices such as "replica firearms"

So does this mean that airsoft guns are Replica Firearms... not exactly.. as far as importing them they are....

The real kicker is the recent charges for trafficing in "prohibited Devices" that were laid against a re-seller of airsoft guns in York region...

So does this mean that airsoft guns are replicas, well at least the ones that were seized in the various raids will likely be tested in side by side comparison with their "real steel" counterparts, and they will be judged to be replicas.. resulting in the charges sticking..( or being plead out to lesser charges )

So does this mean that airsoft guns are replicas? still the answer is probably
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