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i bought an m1 garand from rangers airsoft when it was still around. I specified M1 Garand and since it wasn't out yet, he assumed I meant M1 Carbine. He sent me the carbine, I had to return it after waiting 3 months already. Boy was i excited to unpack the box only to have that feeling rammed back down my throat. Then guess what? I had to wait another 2 1/2 months before getting it. I just ordered the PTW from Anderson. He's been quick to reply all my e-mails. I know that he has some communications with some people as I am currently talking to another guy on ASC who cannot seem to get a hold of him through e-mail. We both use hotmail. I remember that he said that AOL doesn't work for him cuz his e-mail sends it all to spam and junk box. Even after I paid, he was able to answer a few questions when i e-mailed him. So far so good, I hope it goes smoothly. Since dealing with the Marushin M1 Garand was so long already. I don't expect the PTW to arrive any sooner (especially with tightening CBSA).
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