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Reporters are always looking for stories that sell. A story about responsible airsofting doesnt sell. What sells is stories about guns, terror and anything that makes soccer moms scared. Possibly pre 9/11 we could have swung a story about how great and responsible we are, but not these days. Just cant spin assault rifles and machine guns into a positive thing.

And it seems like the reporter clearly is familiar with ASC if they can track down QP videos and know about our age rules....if they know that then Im sure they see the bad sides of ASC too. Tomorrows article could easily be about how the airsoft community reacted to the original article by calling the reporter names and such. We scream responsibility yet we lash back with anything but.
We know for a fact that the media reads whats on ASC, so lets try and react to this stuff as maturely as possible.

If we were smart, we would take it as constructive criticisms and email the reporter with our side and outline the positive steps we have taken and how we boycott retailers who are not responsible. They may care...prolly wont, but its all we can do to put our spin on things.

Perhaps ASC should have a statement that anything and everything on ASC is the property of ASC and cannot be used without permission.
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