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Originally Posted by Dracheous View Post
You all do realise that if you're looking in the products some of those listings have not been updated since he last had the item in right? I mean when I look at the two AEG's he has IN STOCK the prices for them are not that different from what even ASCA was doing. Also his parts/mags are also not that much more expensive than any other retailers at the moment. Perhaps a few dollars but nothing drastic.
Doesn't Ken list all his prices with tax included as well? I think I read that on his site somewhere... neither A&A or ASCA did that.

It would be nice to see an educated article on airsoft, perhaps inviting a reporter out to a game or something.
haven't there been some issues with having reporters out at games in the past? There was a thread in the games/events area where someone mentioned that reporters in the past have claimed good intentions and then slandared the sport and the players.

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