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Originally Posted by Jimski View Post
And I firmly believe it's just a good moral way for many journalists to get close to the ScaRy WoRld oF GuNzz **insert dramatic music here** without having to deal with their own frustration of not being part of it at all.

Those people are litteraly making their pathetic lives more exciting by screwing our hobby while showing off on their blatantly useless media networks.
makes me real sick.
Keep in mind, I would say at least 60%-75% of the people that see/read this report have no idea what airsoft is... and that includes half these reporters.

In the general public's eye, a kid has a replica to cause trouble. They know nothing of this sport. How should they know these replicas are for a legitimate sport if they don't even know airsoft exists?

It would be nice to see an educated article on airsoft, perhaps inviting a reporter out to a game or something. I've seen a few news articles like that on YouTube, and it 1) puts airsoft in a positive light, and 2) puts out awareness that these replicas actually have a purpose other than imitating a real firearm.
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