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Great, here's another one :roll:

A 13-yo this time.

Cop draws gun over toy pistol

A St. Thomas police officer drew a firearm last night on a teenager toting what turned out to be a toy gun.

The incident, underscoring growing concerns about replica guns, happened about 7 p.m. outside Balaclava public school after police were called about a young man carrying a weapon.

One of the two responding officers pulled a gun while approaching the 13-year-old boy, who was carrying a realistic-looking cap gun.

No charges were laid.

Under the Criminal Code, police can only lay a charge if a replica gun is used to intimidating someone and if the gun is presented as a real weapon.

Police were still unnerved by the incident last night.

"It's concerning, obviously," Staff Sgt. Hank Zehr said, adding some people think a ban on black toy guns should be considered.

Other communities have already made such a move: Oshawa and Scugog Township have passed outright bans on the toys, while Sarnia's police services board last month passed a motion to examine a similar restriction.

Sarnia Mayor Mike Bradley, chair of that city's police services board, has said enforcing such a ban could be difficult.

But Dave Boushy, a Sarnia councillor, said such a move could help police avoid "unpredictable tragedy," noting several officers have drawn their weapons on youths with toy guns.

"I think it will act as an insurance policy . . . to protect police from such occurrences," Boushy said in April.
It wasn't an airsoft or crapsoft gun, but it sure as hell isn't helping us any.

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