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Originally Posted by Skruface View Post
Mark is generally very reliable, in my experience. The only issue he sometimes has is that as a novice player, he doesn't know everything about everything when it comes to airsoft guns (reference the non-PCS Tanaka issue from a couple of months back). I'd guesstimate that 95% of his customers are satisfied with the product + service, but you can't please everyone - he does try, though.

Sometimes delays happen that are out of his control (for example, a overseas retailer liek WGC who shows a stocked item on a website; Mark places the order on behalf of a customer, and unknown to him the item is out of stock. He waits a week or more for it to ship, waits as the order clears customs, he gets the box and finds something is missing. Then he has to go back and track down what was ordered and why it's not iin the box, and the customer has already been waiting weeks or months).

I think it's important to understand that now, more than ever, there will be delays in getting items, especially special orders. With only a few retailers left, the ones that do exist are swamped, and they can't control what CBSA do with the packages once they get to customs.
I'm half in agreement with you.

When I order stuff that is in stock his service is fast and absolutely impeccable.

With respect to a pre-order I am involved in his communications has left some to be desired. I understand that he may well be facing many challenges and problems in importing, but I would like to be told about it or updated now and again. Monthly would be fine by me.

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