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Originally Posted by THEREALGUNGUY View Post
are you guys kidding me?!?!?! you find it difficult to run 1 measly kilometer with 30 pounds of gear? unbeleivable! geez, i mean seriously. during my workouts, every 2 days, i do 15 pushups with a 30 pound vest on, then about 7- 10 min. on a stairmaster set at 75 steps a minute with a 50 pound vest. ask me to run a kilometer with 30 pounds? no worries. you guys gotta be really out of shape. even my buddy who doesn't work out at all can run that far in full kit. sad sad sad guys. and you think you're "simulating" the military or whoever? try starting with physical fitness, then real tactics (none of this damn spray and pray in the room like i always see), and then start a competition. or you could grow up, buy a real Glock and AR15 and shoot in the IPSC competition. oh wait, there running in that sport. nevermind.
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