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Anyone heard from anyone at Anderson and Anderson?

Hey all. I ordered a gun from Mark Anderson of Anderson and Anderson Airsoft (through ASC) mid-March. About three weeks ago, I asked if there was any progress on the gun, as it had been expected to arrive by the beginning of april. He told me that hopefully it would be there within the next few days.

Fast forward to May 5th, when I left him a message saying that this was twice the wait I had been told, and that as I was leaving the country for several months (I have long since left at this point), I wanted either a guarantee of arrival of the gun TO MY DOOR by Monday the 8th, or a full refund via EMT. However, Since writing this message, I have not heard anything from him.

However, I also noticed that he has not even been on this site since I sent the message. Therefore I was wondering A) what this guy's reliability was like (with those who have dealt with him in the past) and B) if anyone knows where he is. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

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