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Originally Posted by Amazing KG3 View Post
That seems like a Exclusive Clique dick thing to do, i mean if its friends wanting to do a game, or an old buddy get together and its private, than i dont see how its different than anything else, but if its like a standard thing to have this "join date prerequisite" all your doing is alienating potential players. Thats not fair to people who dont suck.
While Scarecrow make a good point, I don't think it was going to be limited to ASC membership only. There are a lot of good players that aren't on here (or at least anymore) and I'm sure word of mouth would've been past on. Or maybe I misunderstood what Jay was saying..?

But the thing is, back then the community was smaller - and locally, you would see the regulars at just about every airsoft game. Just about everyone got along, and a lot of us became friends over airsoft. The atmosphere back then was different, a lot of us seemed to have bonded a certain way. So that game we were going to have was really sort of a reunion type thing. And really, I consider all those people friends - even though not close friends (some), but friends nevertheless. I really don't think it was about "oh, I joined earlier than you so I can play - ha ha - in your face". There were (and are) a lot of great players that are new(er), and really, if the game had gone through, I don't think they would've been rejected. It was a ploy to get the "old regulars" out again for a day of gaming. It's not a regular thing that we do locally. There are still a number of older players out and about, they just don't show up as regulars like before.

There are a lot of new players in airsoft now and it's getting harder to get to know them, especially when they don't show up to games regularly. I try to meet the new players when at games, but I don't like talking much in person, so I'm usually pretty quiet. I let DeathSniper or Zeon do the talking.. lol They like to talk...

I had a guy (I think it was Havoc) say to me at a game recently, "OMG, you talk? I thought you didn't speak English... I never see you talking." LOL
My ASC UserID is 666. Oh, great...

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