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Originally Posted by Amazing KG3 View Post
What about the oldest and most "experienced" of them all. Greylocks? Old news but hes claimed to be in this shit more than any of us.
I remember Greylocks first game was in Kingston, at the Mecca of Airsoft - Salamander Field - must have been 1999 or so.
Actually, it wasn't his first game, because I think the first time he came down he just wanted to see a game/be a part of it. He was sick with the flu at the time so everyone was just...ummm - you stay over there. He came out with his buddy from MarStar - ArcticFox - and I think they were the only ones with full DPM at the game.
He bought his first gun from AMC/Autowings in Pacific Mall and boy did he get a fucked up gun.
I doubt he would be considered a pre-internet player/member.
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