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Location: Ottawa ! where dirt bag like me live
I don't see that in Ottawa region.
Stalker is getting older and older.
Hazard is more ugly everyday goes on !
Apoc's dogs and WARGO just getting bigger and bigger .
Droc's finger just get shorter and shorter.
Testtube just became a "bastard"
Fox moves slower and slower.
Gamez's girlfriend is hoter and hoter !
Pantless Crab taking more pictures.
Qutantis just have more toys everyday!
Dirty deeds still got problem my taste on women.

Well ! there are also lots Quebec players who don't really post but they still very active in the field.

2 years in the sport nothing change much ! Same steady crews but just more connection with Quebec. Beware of the Quebec players, they talk their tatic in French.
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