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this may be a regional issue as I know in calgary we are moving away from the painball style skrim games. We are coming up with more and more airsoft fields; not paintball fields that let us play there. Every month we have 2 or more milsims. I think since I started a couple of years ago things are getting better out here. But we have no tolerance for asshats and I think JOC has made huge strides in progressions of the sport. We have several new teams that really have their shit together. These teams have learnt from vet teams if you want to be effective you need to study military tactics and practice as a team. Therefore a lot of the players out here that are fuck ups learn real quick that it really sucks spending 8+ hours in the field by themselves out of the objective based action becuase they can't be trusted. Ussually you see a turn around in 2 games.

I am sorry for you guys that are feeling things are going south and I can see how you may. Move to the promised land and we will accept you with open arms.
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