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Originally Posted by Amazing KG3 View Post
Dude, LT_poncho or Aqua isnt there!
Aqua is in Sask. and Poncho is included (Im hoping Im in that etc Peter or is the love gone already?)

Not to boast, but I kinda see our team as a middle ground between newer players and the old (9/11 of us have been playing for 3 years+)

Nothing wrong with Noobs though. When I started, all I wanted to do was to run around aimlessly boom-headshotting people. Eventually I grew into liking mixed-pace Milsim. Same will happen for others who stay in the game. Overall, Ill have to disagree with Phal, Bravo etc. and say that the game is the same as I remember it 2 years ago and most of the best Milsim minded players have remained, although they play/host a lot less now

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