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Originally Posted by Savage Haggis View Post
What troubles me, coming into the sport after several years of hanging in the background & reading various forums, is the loss of experienced players. Granted, after reading the replies in this thread, I have a much clearer understanding of why this is happening - but at the same time, I feel there may well be a great loss of experience & information.

Am I wrong in thinking this, or I am simply reading too much into natural occurrences?

It's one thing to read about it on a forum, but it's another thing entirely to have veteran players tell you their version of things on the field.

I've made a couple threads similar to yours awhile back... not many people responded to it and it got lost somewhere on ASC. *lol*

Airsoft IS different now than compared to a few years ago, I think Skruface, Scarecrow, Bravo, etc. summed it up pretty nicely.

What can I say? I guess I can say.... I miss playing with people like:
- Tru (yes, OMG, he used to play!)
- Quaestor
- Tomalok
- Hype
- ILLusion
- kedirken (lol, forgot about KD)
- LittleAlien (good 'ol Phoenix Connection)
- Col.Thumper
- Octane
- Kato
- That guy who we always called Kato, but isn't (LOL)
- Tharkad
- HonestJohn
- Sgt.Pepper
- Stone
- Agit-Prop
- Malinak
- Starlight


Of course, there are a lot more names, but I'm having a hard time recalling their ASC handles...I have to say it was a blast, and an honour to have met and played with them, they were an amazing group to play with. I'm sure anyone who's played with them in the past can attest - the atmosphere of the games were very different.

I'm still glad to see some of the others out, like Meta, DragonHawk, Poncho (sometimes), SINN, Slick, Memel, Pvt. Ivan (Kameradshadt in general), Sha Do, Barf, Scarecrow, Morb, etc.

Actually, I also miss some of the classic ASC retards that have come and gone, like SKY, Tech Support, scott_ ..... needless to say, they got blacklisted fairly quickly.

Aside from some of the local Chicken Slaughter events, I can't remember any recent social ASC meets. With the amount of new players (and n00bs), this game of ours is also becoming less personal. I try to meet the new players when I'm out, but it's getting pretty hard to put names to faces now.

I'm not as active in airsoft as before, mainly due to time and personal life. Mortgages, insurance, upcoming wedding, stupid rock that cost more than it's worth (lol), car, etc. I try to make it out whenever I can though...

I miss big scenario games, CT would've been great - but I couldn't make it and I missed out on some serious fun. =\ I miss the Wolfpack games up in Muskoka, although I know they still run games (and there was one recently) ... I miss the ability to have the time to attend those games.

Then again... maybe I'm just getting old and lazy, and holding on to those glory days when I could still run.
My ASC UserID is 666. Oh, great...

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