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Originally Posted by lt_poncho View Post
Oh my god - it's SUNDOWN, THE 'Sundown' - holy crap man we have missed you. I swear you made everything worthwhile for me at OP:CT2 with that NATO PIG sign and the expletitives you and Skruface were shouting from the ridge. And that camo, head to toe with matching boots - I think you could hear Porkchop grumbling and turning over his grave having bested him at the 'most unique camo' event catagory.
Hey Poncho!
How's it going man? Yeah LOL I remember that. I think we had more in camp than we did on patrol (well maybe not, I'm thinking it was 50/50). But that was the "good old days" as you say when every new AEG was cause for 8 grown men to stand around in a circle looking at it and trying to get in line to shoot a bb or five out of it "just to try it out".

As for getting back onto the subject, yeah the 'open door' policy is definitely a good thing. True there are some people that no one wants back, however, even they can change for the better. 5 years is a long time. All that the community can do is keep that door open and hope for the best.
At the very least, we can buy thier guns off of them!

Oh and if Poncho and anyone else wants a blast from the past, click here;
Those are the pics I took of Capital Thunder 2 when Skruface and I flew there (ah the good old days when I worked for Air Canada). Go ahead and take a peek, some fun stuff there.

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