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Yeah, I played paintball too before I was 18... You're supposed to be 18 to buy paintball stuff, but not getting ID'd only encouraged me.

What really drew me to airsoft personally though was that I wanted more of a team / strategy oriented game. From what I understood, paintball is generally played as 'Speedball' (close quarters, no hiding, inflatable barricades, run like hell and hope you don't get murdered by the rich guy's full auto gun etc..). I loved to play in a larger, wooded area, but nobody ever played in the forest field, which was awesome and had wooden forts as the bases.

It did take me a while to finally get all my gear together for airsoft, but in all honesty, if I were as serious about paintball when I played as I am now about airsoft, I would have without a doubt spent the same ammount of money on paintball gear.

Oh, also, IMO airsoft guns are way cooler than paintball guns for the simple reason that they don't look like you cut up the plumbing from under your sink to make a gun

Note: Good name, Shofixti... haven't heard that one in a while
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