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Originally Posted by Good Old Sundown View Post
Don't confuse time spent on this board for time spent playing airsoft. I myself started at the same time that Skruface did, when there was 6 guys playing and one, count em, ONE AEG in the province. (Tim's apartment and an AUG ring any bells Jaimie?).

Oh my god - it's SUNDOWN, THE 'Sundown' - holy crap man we have missed you. I swear you made everything worthwhile for me at OP:CT2 with that NATO PIG sign and the expletitives you and Skruface were shouting from the ridge. And that camo, head to toe with matching boots - I think you could hear Porkchop grumbling and turning over his grave having bested him at the 'most unique camo' event catagory.

To add anything to this thread, I think it's just as important for all of us who are on the inside to keep an open door policy for all of us (save for the one's we really don't want back), because we all know about real life, and how it changes, then changes back again. Case in point, guys like Sundown, Wyseguy - most of us KNOW these guys from what we would consider 'the good old days'. I consider these guys veterans having been a part of the changes and evolutions of this community and sport.

As far as I can say, the only thing that makes today different from what 'good old days are', is time and distance. (Thanks to the brother who shared that last part of wisdom.). We're all a part of making to today's the good old days of tomorrow.

Perspective is everything. Perspectives change. If your perspectives are not to your liking, either change it, or wait awhile until the right one comes along.
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