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Nothing wrong with paintball, except the attitude ON the field, here with airsoft at least the attitude is kept on the internet.

When we get to the field, the attitude is gone (for those of us who actually play, not just "shoot in my basement"). The real person, not the internet persona comes out, while in paintball (at least in Saskatchewan and Alberta where I have played quite often - might I add I have been playing since 88 and took part in the 97 and 98 Western Canadian Nationals for paintball held in Calgary at the Stampede Grounds) the attitudes are at the field and make other players generally feel like shit.

It's not much fun going out for a game of re-ball and having tournament players join you and ruin the day with their super-hyper had-one-too-many-circle-jerks-and-red-bulls that morning type of attitudes and then hear them gloat how they 'lit up' one of the girls on the opposite team, while she rips off her mask to wipe away the tears.

Yea, you're right, paintball is so much better than airsoft. Boy, is it ever.

To quote my site...

So let me get this straight... your paintball gun will fire at 300fps max while my PSG-1 will fire 465fps? Think about that folks, 300fps is long enough for you to watch the paintball travel down the barrel and give you time to think "oh shit, I better move outta the way before that paintball comes and hits me in the head, thereby making me go back to respawn and waiting for the next game to start... boy... this sure is a lovely day. I hope that my mutual funds are doing well. Oop, better duck behind this barrel before it hits me. Oh nuts, I dropped my watch, better pick that up..... there we go. And behind the barrel I go." While with airsoft, you see a muzzel pop up and you MIGHT have enough time to say "Oh shi---..... HIT!"

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