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Originally Posted by Koopa View Post
During a grenade building exercize in which we had 7 guys making 100 grenades, one of us questioned 3 hours in what the **** are we doing (spending a beautiful day indoors making grenades out of fireworks for a pretend soldier game) and then proceeded to ask if any of us have a girlfriend to which we mumbled no. It got me thinking and I can see why some people eventually call it quits

Not me though.. not just yet
Heh. I got a girlfriend FIRST, and now I'm getting into Airsoft :P.

But as to the people saying old people leaving the game, and no guns coming into Canada:
Perhaps it's a good thing some people are leaving the game, or selling off a bunch of guns because they have a kid/house/car/wife where they money could be better utilized. (They might still play the game, just have 1 or 2 AEG's) The reason for this is that if one person with 10 guns is selling them all to single people, you get 10 new people into the world of Airsoft. Now, I'm not saying all those people are mature rational people, but we can all hope

Just a thought.

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