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Originally Posted by Blackthorne View Post
The spirit of airsoft is in it's homage to the MILITARY. If we lose that, we are just playing paint ball, regardless of the gear we are wearing, or guns we use.
Fuckin-A, I could not say it better myself.

Skuface echos the frustration of anyone who's stuck with the sport for more than 3 years and have begun to see the track repeat itself. Meta sums it up quite nicely when saying that, essentially a lot of new people are not self-propelled researchers and are followers and not do'ers. And if you don't know who I am referring to, this is precisely the point - the game is OUT THERE, not IN HERE. When interactions on a dboard begin to take precidence over the actual sport the dboards were designed to support, a lot of people leave in disgust.

Based on my own experience and with the amount of BB and battery activity I am seeing go through my hands, I would venture to say to ALL of you that what you're seeing is a pattern change, and not a shift in the actually playing numbers. If anything I would say the interest in the sport is at an all time high, but at the same time the community is more fractured than it has even been before. This means lots of small communities playing games amongst themselves that never make it to the attention of the larger community. This causes the sense of loss of players because a lot of the vets who hosted and ran large games have stopped and instead are out playing in small spec ops teams and enjoying not having to drive the bus all the time.

From my POV, I've stopped trying to open new fields and I limit myself to hosting ONE major event a year and for the rest of the year my efforts are for myself and my team and I try to go out and support the small number of hosts out there holding milsim games, as much as a show of support and brotherhood as for wanting to play an actual milsim game.

Bottom line? If you think the sport is dying, you're either spending too much time online and not enough time out meeting people and networking to get into good private games, or, (sorry to say it) you're a fucktard nobody wants to play with. Sorry but thats the unvarnished truth.
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