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I can only speak for myself so here goes;
When our daughter (second child) was born I sold all my AEG's and GBB's because I knew that I wouldn't have time to play.
Now 2 1/2 years later I find I have SOME time to play so I'm looking around for an affordable AEG or sniper rifle.
To be honest, it will be the cost of the toys and the attitude of the players that will keep me out of the sport this time. So far the attitude seems fine. But I'll reserve judgement for now.
I don't like to borrow anyone else's guns (anyone who knows me can tell you that) so that's not really an option either.
I have a full time job, Wife, two kids, a mortgage, and I own/manage a small hobby store (D&D games and such) so time is really at a premium.
If I'm lucky I'll be able to manage one game a month. It's not much, but it's something.
And that's my 2c for what it's worth.

EDIT After reading Blackthorn's post I remembered something that happened at the MAA's FNG day I played at; I had to re-load a high-cap mag. On my way back to load up, I thought to myself "holy crap! I'm playing like a paintballer!" So I put a handful (maybe 75) bb's in the mag and told myself to lay off the effing trigger. It worked too.
Sorry, that's a bit off topic. I consider myself well and truely flame-broiled.

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