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OK well, here it is in the plain truth: My opinion of Airsoft after looking into it for a weekend:

Airsoft is:
1: Not for guys my age (15)
It seems the "accepted" age is 18+, so that counts me out.

2:Borderline Illegal in Canada
If stores can get closed down for selling airsoft stuff, guns held at the border, and other like incidents, then Airsoft just seems to much of a grey area to me.

3:UBER expensive
part of the reason i wanted to try airsoft was the ridiculously low priced guns i saw on the net, and the incredible price of ammo (2000 balls at the PB field over here is 140$!) I was hoping to pay 100-150$, not 500+

4:Nobody to play it with
theres really no parks or other players (besides the guys i know who might not even end up buying anything)

*Flame guard starts here*
5:Paintball is better
Paintball FTW!!!
*Flame guard ends here*
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