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Lets be clear (Saint hit on it) that those noobs that drive us nuts here very rarely go out to the games we go to.

I do see a disturbing trend away from fundamental MilSim core beliefs and basics by the younger players coming in (read: noobs who actually PLAY).

I think it's less about THE GAME for them, and more about the GUNS and GEAR, which is a real shame. I agree we are playing dress up, but the opportunity to immerse yourself, just a bit, and learn some tactics and techniques that will make the game better for everyone, a more interesting experience, seem to be unimportant to the newer airsoft player. I won't get into why I think this is. That would be a long commentary on teens of today and I won't waste anyones time rehashing a well known point of view.

And as much as I prefer games with no mercy rules and higher FPS restrictions, I think without the FPS restriction, we would have already adopted the paint ball "more, faster, shinier" attitude, and would have folks running around with guns akin to fire hoses.

I believe if we lose a core group of players, that are (like myself) quite happy to operate in a large game (24-48 hours) in a recce platoon and not fire a single shot, airsoft is going to be a VERY different landscape in the next 5 years.

The spirit of airsoft is in it's homage to the MILITARY. If we lose that, we are just playing paint ball, regardless of the gear we are wearing, or guns we use.
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