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since i started airsoft 2 years ago (i now not long) between my first read of ASC to know I've noticed a huge change of the player base. i do think skruface is right that new guys seem to think they should have every thing fed to them, some players come on here with a legit question that shows they have some understanding of airsoft well the other 9 outa 10 new faces have questions so easy that if they read anything they could have gotten there answer.

but on the flip side i have seen on my local board JOC that the on field and bored attitude are much the same we're a no bull shit group theres not much room for error but we're still friendly its like locally not much as changed but here on ASC its a down word spin.

i just hope that airsoft Canada is in just a low point in its life but soon shit will get figured out.

P.S what did happen to grey anyways?
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