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coming from a region where were lucky to have 30 guys playing I even noticed a shift. When I was much smaller we had 7-10 people max at games. And as skruface said it was a bring what you go style game. We would play milsim games and balance teams based on how well certain people did. some people left the sport others moved away then I took a 5 year vacation and played paintball. Fast forward to now. Games are filled with paintsofters (people who only want to blow a bag of bb's and constantly be shooting) These sort of games have little to no interest for me. So I am kinda sitting back working on restoring some classic guns. I still plan to game but on the whole its not the same as it was years ago. As weird as it seems I am totally against minors playing when I started as a minor. Hopefully when I finish switching my collection to the guns I used to play with I can get some more fun in the game.
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