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It's not so much that they are leaving the sport. I think they are just taking a break.

Airsoft gear is a pretty good investment. I know when I left WP I shed ALLOT of gear, and now only have my primary and a core set of gear that is dual use. SO if someone is going to back away from AS for a while, or has found another hobby to get into, you can liquidate fairly quickly, and a getting out of the sport sale is a great tag line to attract buyers, whether you are or not.

I thought about getting out of airsoft completely, but I do still have time, even with a full time job and a reserve commitment. But it's just not enough to time to be a part of and contribute to a team. Teams are a give and take, and I found I was doing more taking than giving.

There is a level of politics both at the team and the entire sport levels that grates on some people. I know the overall "grey legality" of airsoft has affected me, since I own and shoot real firearms and am worried how this activity might affect that.

We may lose some payers completely, but I think this is more of a natural reorganization than the activity dying out.

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