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Jesus Hates A Quitter...

Okay, what the fuck...

Over the past several months I heard rumors & rumors of rumors of long time airsoft players "retiring" from the sport/hobby, or what ever the hell we're calling it this week. I've heard & read a number of reasons ranging from this, that to the other thing, but to be honest... it reeks of complete & total CRAP.

Hey, if I'm wrong, feel free to point the finger...

I just want to know what the hell's going on & why we (read:the sport, hobby, or what ever the hell we're calling it this week) are starting to hemmorage long time, experienced players. What started out as a slow bleed is turning into a gusher.

Anybody care to step up & explain this to me.

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Quite the thread; seen the return of Savage Haggis and the end of an empire.

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