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That gun you posted the "firepower m8" is actually a Aug.
Firepower guns for lack of a better word are "horrible" but that still gives them to much credit. If you want something to hang on the wall they are perfectly fine for that.
Also an M8 would have been an XM8 which was a gun made by H&K and was slated to be the replacement for the M4 series weapons in the US. The project was put on hold to allow for other competitors and it appears that the FN SCAR will be used instead.
If you can find a Jing Gong or a low priced TM G36 as the XM8 was based off of the G36 series.
Also the best bet for a gun at a decent price would be one that is armalite (m series m4, m16, m15, m733, etc.) As they overpopulate the market. Also more parts and replacements parts are avalible for that series. But the gearbox is version 2 which also has the most problems, whereas the XM8, G36 have a much more reliable V3.
Well best of luck and have fun.
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