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So a few questions:

Is Airsoft just a MilSim version of Paintball?
It can be. There are some games that are very much milsim, with realistic equipment loadouts, ammo restrictions, etc, and other games that are simple skirmishes, and a lot that fall somewhere inbetween.

Is the velocity adjustable on the guns?
Not usually. On some high performance gas guns it is but the average gun requires you to change the spring.

Is there such a thing as a good cheap gun? (IF i do get into Airsoft, it would be on the lowest of low ends)
There are inexpensive guns of better quality coming out (and note, when I say inexpensive, I'm talking the $250-350 range), but their long-term reliability is unproven. For an airsoft gun that you know WILL work out of the box and WILL work for many years with normal maintenance, you're looking at $500+

NO. FirePower makes horrible shitty guns, most don't even have metel gearboxes.

If that isint, were can i get a good (yet cheap) M8?
You mean Styr AUG? Look at A&A surplus, they have a BE AUG. But remember, you get what you pay for. Don't expect a $300 gun to work like a $600 one.

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