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For a narrow hallway you can do a two man stack on the left or right wall, and have both covering to their front. I agree that a 4 man unit will fair much better than a two, but it also depends on the circumstances, sometimes you can only fit two into the area in which you are assaulting.

Four man team make up room clearing:

1. assaulter
2. assaulter
3. section commander
4. breecher

once the breecher opens the door, the first guy rushes in squares himself to the door and then either does a button hook or a cross to his corner, once his corner is cleared he will take up his arch of fire in the room. It is important ensure that where your weapon is pointing you looking in that direction, never look in an area without your weapon pointing in the same direction. Immediately after the first guy enters, the second will do the opposite, meaning if the first guy button hooked, the second will cross and vis versa. He will do the same thing at the other side of the room and make room for number 3, 4 to have some room to take up their archs in the room. That is just a basic formation. I ll paint a picture later if you want me to.

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