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Nope, just peaking the corner like Blue unit is doing is fine. If there is a hostile contact with in 6 feet of you, you don't want to step out. All that peak that is shown is really going to be a quick glance, and then its all Red.

What I was getting at was, people seem to want to see red unit watching the rear in the diameter, but he should be watching where he steps too. Red Units "patrol" watch is going to be almost 300 degrees. So yes, his periphals will over lap blue units quite a bit, but that is a good thing, people can miss things, its only human nature to frack up once and a while, and thats really why you want to have a back up. Cause he's going to not only watch your back, but he's going to be your life line. The lead unit will be the one that gets "tunnel" vision and becomes so focused on where he's going, he'll '"forget" to look over his shoulder. But, a unit should not become dependent on another unit either, so both units should be watching "everywhere" so to speak. Its kind of hard to type out what I mean here, but its just the buddy system, and as I've stated before, all this manuever does, is set up your rear in a position to clear you to the hall. Problem with "One man can do it." Is the one guy starts going too fast, and forgets to count the doors, or miss counts, and later someone jumps out with an AK and carves him a new one.

I love to watch all the video's that get post of room clearing fire teams. It always seems to be going so fast, but thats just to our eyes really. To the members of those teams, they are going slow. Looking twice won't kill you, but forgetting to look can, and thats really why those teams will double sometimes triple check everything as they go. We just don't see it, because we come in at the flashbangs and smoke grenades and simunition rounds flying, that we don't catch all the signals and movements of the team. Which is exactly what they want to accomplish. Their movements are methodical and calculated, and really give the illusion of speed, and that illusion buys them the 1 second hesitation that saves their lives when they storm a room.

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